Kind of Dogs Like to be Hugged & Low Temperament

As pets are cute, dogs love frolic with its owner, either by way of rubbing the head or put its body on foot of its owner Dogs do that to show concern and love for you, and in return, you have to hug your dog. Hug the dog will calm at the same time uplifting […]

Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Why do dogs lick? – Having pet at home must be fun. One of the animals, which are often considered to be a pet is a dog. Aside from being a pet, the dog usually is also considered as a house guard. Dogs are animals that like welcoming its master, with licks. Usually when you […]

Why do Dogs Sniff Other Dog’s Butt?

One of the first things that often happens when two dogs meet is sniffing butt each other. This may seem repulsive or embarrassing for you, but your dog see it differently. Why do dogs sniff each other’s butt? Whether is it healthy and normal for your dog? Here’s the explanation. Butt sniffing dog Dog’s sense […]

How to Care Your New Puppy

How to care your new puppy – Once a good time is when your home arrival of a new family member, that is a puppy and cute. However, your new puppy, when it arrives at your home, This new puppy is certainly feel unfamiliar with new environment and feel lost of comfort together with parent. […]

Amazing Dog’s Sense of Smell

Dog’s sense of smell – One of the distinctive in dogs is an incredible sense of smell. A study conducted on dog brain  found that this intelligent mammal has a feature to identify various aromas. This is because in the dog brain associated with sense of smell, its size is 40 times larger than the […]

How to Prevent Aggression in Dogs

Aggression in dogs is behavior that is intended to make the object subjected to danger or pain. In the world of dogs, aggression is part of normal behavior. Dogs usually showed aggression when it feels threatened by other animals, at the time of the hunt, when to protect their children and also to determine the […]

Understanding Common Dog Behavior

Dogs in our house, have a pattern of behavior that can attract attention. This includes common dog behavior till damage behavior that cause problem. If we learn it, then we will be able to understand what they want. Here we will learn to understand the behavior of the dog, so that we also understand the […]

Benefits of Having a Dog in Life

Benefits of Having a dog – Today, pet is one of the numerous factors that can make our lives more colorful. Various studies confirmed the psychological and health benefits are felt by the owners of the pets. In a society on industrialized countries, prosperity increases, declining birth rates and a loose family ties make pets […]