Benefits of Having a Dog in Life

Benefits of Having a dog - Today, pet is one of the numerous factors that can make our lives more colorful. Various studies confirmed the psychological and health benefits are felt by the owners of the pets. In a society on industrialized countries, prosperity increases, declining birth rates and a loose family ties make pets play a more important role psychology.

A dog is the pet of the most preferred and commonly referred to as human friend, because of its friendly and loyal to its master. By have a dog can provide several important benefits for you.

Benefit of having a dog as pet

Friendship For dog owners, the most important thing of owning a dog is a friendship can be established. fellowship means having a dog for a friend to play or perhaps as a friend working for a particular task. A dog is a partner and a trusted friend. Many of us, getting a dog to relieve loneliness. Often we talk to the dog, pour out our hearts to it, laughing and crying with it. This is normal action that is usually done by the owner of the dog.

Comfort Subtle aspects of friendship with pet is physical closeness pet with their owners. A sense of comfort comes from direct physical contact such as stroking, kissing and hugging our dogs or just of affection shown towards you.

Relaxation Your dog will help you to be more relaxed. Heart rate and blood pressure are being strained to be dropped when we see pet. Getting a dog can be used as medicine stress for people who are experiencing stress.

Physical security and protection Due to the increased crime, more people are choosing to preserve a guard dog to protect themselves and their belongings from crime. In this case usually tend to choose sires that big and potentially more aggressive, such as Doberman, German Shepherd or Rottweiler. But not only with a larger body size and a more aggressive which can make us feel safe. Generally, a sense of security lies in awareness and our knowledge that the dog will more quickly recognize and react to strangers or intruders before we can be aware of their presence. So the dogs with smaller size can also provide security for you, even if not specially trained.

Emotional security On the side of physical protection, a dog can also provide psychological assistance to us. Dogs can provide emotional security to confront and overcome the fear we have, as in the dark or when home alone.

Achieve the ideals and self respect Everyone needs a sense of pride and respect ourselves. Many of us accomplish this by achieving success in family relationships, work, sports or other activities. There is also accomplish this with a sense of pride to have a dog that is the object of prestige. May have a dog that is rare breed and win the race until become champion. For some of us, the responsibility of preserve other living beings can evoke a sense of self-esteem.

Aesthetic satisfaction Not only to have a dog that won the race who can make hearts and our feelings be happy, but with characteristics and performances that funny you will feel happy when looking at your dog.

Filling activity in leisure time A dog love to play and it will stimulate us to play with him. This situation helps us to relax, develop the spirit of living a more active, eliminating the stress of tasks and drudgery. By feeding, smoothing fur and bring your dog a walk can be your activity in leisure time.

Emotional support If you lost loved ones or been feeling very sad and depressed, the presence of your dog can provide much needed emotional support.

Responsible attitude in keeping the house clean Family who own the pet is generally more aware of cleanliness than family that do not have pet.

Human relationship and a dog that fail

Not all dog owners and pet relationship goes well. If the first time you have a dog that is not fun, you should not traumatic for the dog. Many things that make dogs and humans relationship to fail. A dog may be a problem because:

  1. You choose the wrong dog, and do not fit in with the environment, your family and your lifestyle.
  2. A dog is not trained adequately because of ignorance or inaction on your part.
  3. There is an inherited genetic problem of dog.

If you can find out the reason for the problems you experienced with the dog you've ever had, try to eliminate the problem, you can try to get a new dog again.